HomePort allows users to tailor the entire data delivery process.

You can pick the simplest and most convenient pipeline possible, or you can customize everything by selecting ground stations, cloud services, the tools provided there and analytics for your data. It’s up to you.

  • Online contracting
  • Free choice of ground station
  • Data delivered and stored on cloud
  • Custom analytics pipeline set up

Satellite-station operator interactions are facilitated by aeternity smart contracts, oracles and state channels.

These features enable verified user contracting in an environment of high privacy and security.

  • Smart contracts
  • Oracles
  • State channels

Smart contracts are protocols that allow users within a network to make a deal. They are much like a traditional contract, defining the rules of interaction between users, but with the added benefit that smart contracts are automatically enforced. HomePort users can agree upon the conditions of a smart contract however they see fit.

Smart contracts are automated, which means that specific conditions must be in place for the contract to be triggered or closed successfully. This external input is provided by oracles - protocols which translate real-world events and data into a smart contract-readable format. 

State channels allow transactions between users to be carried out within an additional layer of privacy. They are particularly useful when interactions between a satellite operator and a ground station need to be fully concealed.

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