Agile & Customizable Network.

Mission Requirements

Input technical and business requirements for the mission at ease, and change whenever convenient.

Real-time ground station matching

The system will seamlessly match the mission requirements to existing ground station providers.

Compose ground segment

A virtual ground segment can be composed for every mission. Contracting and management with minimal overhead.

Data Control

Design a customized pipeline. Define where your files go and who has access to them.


Deploy versatile contract schedules requiring little management. The Virtual Ground Segment can be optimized smoothly with the introduction of new ground capacity.

Dynamic Network

Integrating a station with HomePort is easy, quick and secure. This ensures an organic growth and diverse contact capabilities.

Keep an eye on your finances with our billing system.

HomePort couples a secure payment processing system with our proprietary smart contract and oracle engine. This allows our users to remain in control of their finances, execute payments in private, and have access to immutable transaction evidence and a concise audit trail. Insights and visualizations assist in past, current and future mission spending.