Smart Contracts


State Channels


HomePort users benefit from the most robust use of blockchain technology in the space industry. By leveraging unique features of the aeternity blockchain, we allow users to offer or request hardware in real time with high accountability, security and payment versatility.

Data Analytics

Telemetry Analysis

Orbit Analysis

Machine Learning

Dataset Compilation

HomePort enables users to extract valuable information from metadata and telemetry. Use our built-in data analytics tools to comb through massive amounts of data and discover events of interest. Additionally, third-party analytics providers can be included in the pipeline for maximized output and flexibility.

User-Centric Approach

All features are accessible through our web client. All interactions can be formulated and verified online.

HomePort requires no subscriptions. It is equipment-agnostic and any ground station of any type and frequency range may use it.

Users are not obliged to submit to payment plans, making HomePort useful for scheduling even free, amateur-band passes.