What's the Test Network?

Before HomePort becomes a fully operational global teleport, some work is needed.

The Test Network is a web of ground stations that will use the initial HomePort client, Hydrogen, to schedule downlink sessions with non-commercial satellites. Only template smart contracts will be deployed.

How does it work?

After signing up, station operators will be registered in the HomePort database.

Once the first version of the HomePort client rolls out, registered stations will be allowed to download it. The client will automatically set up each station as a node on the network. Operators can then schedule downlink sessions.

Which bands will be used?

There are no specific requirements. However, ham UHF stations around 430-440 MHz and VHF around 136-145 MHz are preferred for the test net.

Is the Test Network monetized?

No. Monetization is not an element of the Test Network.

When will it become active?

The Test Network and the initial HomePort client will be rolled out in late early July 2019.

How do I join?

Amateur station operators can join using the form below. We will confirm your application shortly. Check your mail for updates - you will be notified when the HomePort client download becomes available!


Specify the type of your main antenna.
Frequency at which you receive satellite transmissions.
The geographic latitude of your station's location. Be as precise as possible.
The geographic longitude of your station's location. Be as precise as possible.
The above sea level altitude of your station.
For anything that doesn't fit in the above, or a more detailed description of your equipment.