About Us

Moonshots are great and awe-inspiring. But if we, humans, are to establish a permanent and economically feasible presence in space, we will need infrastructures to sustain all basic activities and integrate them with Earth’s economy. Given that one of the most valuable contributors to the global economy is space data, we have focused our attention on creating an infrastructure that will address the increasing usage of spacecraft and data from them.

This is why we’re building HomePort – a global, user-centric ground station network, accessible through both API and our dedicated interface. The reason is simple – space data can be readily consumed only after it has been adequately received and processed. Through HomePort, we make this process quick, efficient and secure, with decision-making entirely in the hands of ground station and space segment operators. We believe that space infrastructures can only scale efficiently if multiple resources are pooled together organically. This is why we take a decentralized approach to the design of ground segment services, differentiating from other actors in this field.

Sfera Technologies is propelled by a visionary spirit and an attitude of non-conformity. We believe that the space era is still in its infancy, so new solutions must be continuously envisioned, designed and tested. HomePort is the first step in our long journey of designing infrastructures for a new era.


Zdravko Dimitrov

CEO, Founder

Lazar Kanelov

CTO, Co-Founder

Dimitar Dimitrov


Rainer Brunotte

Branding & Design