Your home planet is listening.

Your Ground Segment. Virtualized.

HomePort is a virtual ground segment infrastructure. Focused on streamlined downlink and data capabilities for LEO, HomePort reduces space mission expenses, improves monetization of ground stations, and allows users to retain their control over critical assets and data.

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Customizable ground operations from mission design to end of operations

Optimize expenses on ground segment from the very beginning and use HomePort to propel your data to customers as soon as the space segment is in orbit.


Directly available to users either through our dedicated UI or secured API.

Data management

Our UI offers streamlined tools to manage the data delivery process. Define the pathway of your data and track its availability in real time.


Monitor the progress of requests and tasks, ground station availability, network status and many other indicators required for an informed decision.


A secure payment processor supporting all major cards. Keep track of your finances.