HomePort is the world’s first decentralized ground station and satellite data network.

Designed to prioritize user needs, HomePort enables instant ground station scheduling, diverse storage and analytics options, and complete user control over their resources. HomePort is compatible with stations in any band.

Joining the network is quick and simple. If you operate a commercial ground station or want to learn more, get in touch with us.

How does it work

Unlike typical Ground Station as a Service (GSaS), HomePort enables users to freely add, remove or update the hardware they operate. A station registered and activated on the platform becomes instantly available for requests.

Through our dashboard, satellite and station operators match in real-time and schedule data dumps in whatever format necessary. Additional features can be introduced to the arrangement, the rates are agreed upon and operations begin.

As a frequency and equipment-agnostic platform, HomePort is suitable for any type of mission support – from university smallsats to deep space missions.