HomePort is the world’s first decentralized ground station and satellite data network.

Designed to prioritize user needs, HomePort enables instant ground station scheduling, diverse storage and analytics options, and complete user control over their resources.

Prototype network

Operating a VHF, UHF or S-band station? Join our Hydrogen prototype network and test with us.

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Ground station network

Any ground station operator can register and provide their capacity directly to satellite operators. No intermediaries.

Real-time operations

Instant downlink scheduling. Real-time station and network status. Instant data delivery.

Resource variety

Create a custom data pipeline tailored to your specific needs. Multiple storage, processing and analytics tools available.

How does it work?

Typical Ground Station as a Service (GSaS) limits satellite operator choice to what GSaS providers offer in terms of network size, data storage, analytics, and pricing, among others.

The HomePort network enables both satellite and station operators to define their own rates and preferred data processing options. Third-party analytics can also be requested.

135 - 152 MHz (Rx)
430 - 470 MHz (Rx)
10.5 GHz (Rx)

HomePort is compatible with stations in any band. Joining the network is quick and simple. If you operate a commercial ground station or want to learn more, get in touch with us.


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