A Global Satellite Data Network.

HomePort is the world’s first decentralized ground station network for satellite downlink. Flexible and transparent, HomePort allows satellite operators and ground stations to interact without intermediaries. 

No obligations, direct scheduling, competing rates on proprietary frequencies and unparalleled agility.

We cannot make the jump forward without being able to scale our space infrastructure. 

Just like we decentralized the use and transfer of data, we can distribute the means to connect with our space assets – near or far from Earth. 

Using HomePort, thousands of ground stations on the planet can become nodes in a global network that will sustain human expansion in space. No centralization. Available to everyone.

A New Age Requires a New Approach.


Satellite operators and stations deal without any hurdles. Just register your hardware, specify the data you can receive or want to obtain, and agree on mutually beneficial conditions.


No rigid, long-term contractual obligations. An open marketplace for ground station capacity offers an unprecedented variety of storage, verification, pricing and payment options. Zero-rate scheduling makes HomePort fully compatible with open-source projects and ham radio operations.


HomePort uses blockchain features to ensure a trustworthy and transparent operation, independent of third party involvement. This makes the network self-sustaining and verifiable. 


HomePort works on the aeternity blockchain. Aeternity offers lightweight, powerful features making it ideal for the mechanics of a decentralized data network.

  • Oracles

    Oracles obtain real-time indicators on the network. This information is automatically converted to a smart contract-readable format.

  • Smart contracts

    Customize schedules, rates, data types and every other aspect of downlink by deploying only a smart contract. It can cover just a single pass, or it may engage multiple stations across months, aggregating thousands of passes.

  • State channels

    Use state channels for off-chain settlement or private sessions. State channels enable an additional layer of privacy and allow the deployment of custom security measures, like government encryption protocols.

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